O, Persecuted

Basma Alsharif [Pal.-R.-U.,2014, 11 min, num., VOSTA/Original version with English subtitles]

O, Persecuted transforme la restauration du film militant palestinien Our Small Houses (Kassem Hawal, 1974) en une performance qui n’est rendue possible que par le médium du film et qui joue avec la vitesse, les corps, et le mouvement du passé vers un futur où l’idéologie se confronte au désir d’évasion.


This film turns the act of restoring Kassem Hawal’s 1974 Palestinian Militant film Our Small Houses into a performance possible only through film. One that involves speed, bodies, and the movement of the past into a future that collides ideology with escapism.

« Basma Alsharif’s O, Persecuted confronts layers of history and ideology emanating from a recently restored 1974 Palestinian militant film. The grainy black-and-white images often appear hidden, barely glowing from beneath a thick, perhaps painted surface, which a performer methodically removes over the course of the film… There is an outburst of energy as the film shifts registers and shows a series of wildly energetic beach party images. Alsharif diagnoses a troubling uncertainty and disengagement in youth which slingshots from the past to the present day. »

— James Hansen, Filmmaker Magazine