Through the Mask

Rehab Nazzal [Can., 2017, 4 min, num., sans dialogue/no dialogue]

Tourné à Bethléem lors de manifestations contre l’occupation, Through the Mask examine la répression violente contre la résistance populaire palestinienne. La géographie et les corps palestiniens sont-ils devenus un terrain d’essai pour les armes de « contrôle des foules » de l’armée israélienne?

Through the Mask is a project based on footage the artist recorded in 2015-2016 in the Palestinian city of Bethlehem during regular protests against the Israeli occupation forces. The video focuses on Israel’s torturous suppression of Palestinian popular resistance and questions whether Palestinian bodies and environments become a test field for Israel’s “crowd control weapons”. It is intended to be viewed through a gas mask: the same mask used to record the CS gas attacks by US-made Israeli teargas launchers that fire thousands of teargas canisters on Palestinian protesters.