Ruba Salameh [Pal., 2004, 5 min,num., sans dialogue/no dialogue];

Un arrêt d’autobus de la rue Salah Al-Din à Jérusalem Est, surmonté d’un panneau publicitaire représentant la mer vue depuis Gaza. L’image est piégée entre des lieux inaccessibles, des sons intrusifs, et des histoires qui font le récit inlassable de souvenirs, de catastrophes et de peuples.


Yamm is a video work that captures Ruba Salameh’s persistent return to a ready-made object, namely a bus stop in Salah Al-Din Street in East Jerusalem, where a huge billboard print of the sea from Gaza stands out in its vast presence against awaiting passengers and passersby. The disheveled paper, its wear and tear, the marks of time and human intervention, led to Salameh’s recurrent attempts to document the object, while haunted by the notion of its very perishing.

By inserting an animated fragment of the Tantoura sea amongst the ragged pieces of the still Gazan image into the heart of the Jerusalemite everyday, the deteriorating image becomes trapped between inaccessible locations, intrusive sounds, and stories that have been endlessly told: those of memory, catastrophes and peoples, and those that want to tell themselves, in precise detail, through surprising choreography, and in slapstick tableaux.